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DJ Generator
Welcome to DJ Generator

If you’ve found your way here, then it’s more than likely because you’ve clicked a link as a
result of buying or hearing a track from, seen a show featuring or just generally enjoyed the
sounds of… the multi layered and multi-talented DJ, Producer & Promoter combination that

is the one and only Generator.

If however, you’ve found this page by accident, it’s likely that you’re looking for Generators
and those can be found elsewhere, you know, on one of those electrical websites. If its
electricity you’re looking for in the musical sense however – you have definitely come to
the right place. For here dear friends, you are willingly and warmly invited to sample the
brilliance, the genius and the raw talent that resides in one man with skill sets that reach
across the studio, the main stage and even the club itself.

Generator now has a colossal SIX digital hard dance single releases under his belt, the
latter four of which were released through hard electrik movement pioneer Scott Attrill’s
Traffic and Riot! Recordings along with BK respectively. Add to that an incredible DJ
CV that summarises him playing for some of the most prolific event brands in the UK and
Europe such as Bionic, Contact, Kiddfectious, Resonate and Storm amongst others and,
when not at work and play as a DJ and Producer, having a huge part in the construction,
marketing and promotion of many event brands, including his own Spun Out and the
legendary Audio Surgery tours with the Organ Donors, here is the place you’ll find out all
things Generator.

From industry hard dance chart Number 1 smash hit selling singles supported by some
of the globe’s most respected leaders of their field including Kutski, Andy Farley, Lisa
Lashes, Karim, Scott Attrill, BK, Luca Antolini, Ed Real, Amber D, the Tidy Boys and
Anne Savage to news of what’s cooking in the studio presently and details of all forthcoming
live gigs, promotions, events and tours – as well as links to social portals, awesome photos,
excellent videos and free mixes to download, it’s all here!

So… click away, enjoy, learn more and stay awhile in Generator’s World – it’s an eye
opener, that’s for sure!

DJ Generator.

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